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Direct Marble Worktop Surfaces

Provides a bespoke stone worktop templating, fabrication, and installation service custom tailored to your individual requirements and budget. Our highly experienced and professional team have decades of experience in the stone industry.

At Direct Marble we work with a wide range of materials, and superior manufacturers who are renowned for their innovation, reliability, and aesthetics.

Whether you are looking for a worktop to compliment your brand new kitchen, would like to update the worktop on your existing kitchen, have a commercial project, or require vanity tops in your bathroom, we can help you with choosing the best materials. We can also do window sills, upstands, and fireplaces. You can be confident that we will work with you to choose the materials that will drive your imagination and improve your home

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Direct Marble Splash-back Project

Choose your worktop, but have you thought about what will cover the area between the top of your worktop and the bottom of the wall cabinets? Conventional wisdom pushes towards tiles, or simple paint, however did you consider that the grout between tiles will become yellow and dirty very quickly, and paint does not offer the best finish which your kitchen deserves as you will have to repaint this surface quite often due to the nature of cooking in the kitchen. We recommend using a glass splashback – this is special toughened glass which is engineered to withstand extreme heat and is shatterproof. This glass can be painted in any colour of your choice.


Direct Marble Sinks Option

We trade discounts with well known sink manufacturers from Europe, we can supply the sink together with your worktop for a discount, or you can purchase the sink by itself. Discover the extensive range of different styles of sinks and contact us for the price!


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